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Sky Vision Aerial Imagery
Full-Service Real Estate Photography & Drone Aerial Photography Professionals

Our goal is to give you stunning, professional quality products at an economical price!


We are an FAA approved & Insured drone company

Having a video of your property makes it 400% more likely someone will inquire about your property

About Sky Vision A.I.

Sky Vision Aerial Imagery specializes in real estate 

photography and videography, both commercial and residential.  We not only capture great photos and video from the air, but we also take professional photos and video of the interior of the property as well. Once we have all of the footage, we offer a variety of products such as basic photos of a property, virtual room staging, property pamphlet and brochure design, HDR image slideshows, and full motion video containing music and imagery from within, around, and above the property.


In addition to real estate photography, Sky Vision's expertise in operating drones is also useful for a variety of other applications, such as roof and building inspections, before and after footage for insurance claims, marine videography (like filming boats, etc.), filming of commercials, and special event aerial footage (such as weddings, sporting events, social gatherings, etc.).  If you want footage from the air, give us a call and see what we can do!  As we often like to say - "There's no vision like Sky Vision!"


90% of all home searches start online

Potential homebuyers spend an average of 55 min/day online researching real estate

Having professional photos makes it 61% more likely that your listing will be viewed

55 min

Real Estate Photography

We use modern, professional camera and drone equipment and the latest editing techniques to produce high quality, professional images and videos for your property - from inside, outside, around, and above as desired!  Want a twilight photo?  No problem! Worried that the pictures were taken on a cloudy day?  We've got you covered - we have the expertise to edit in blue skies, green grass, blue water, and more!  Remember, you're not just selling real estate - your selling a little piece of the Florida life as well!  We have a variety of offerings to suit your needs, whether you just need a few high quality photos, or you want the works - we have something that will suit your needs!

Virtual Property Staging

For those who are selling properties that are vacant, we can virtually stage both the interior and exterior of a property for a fraction of what it would cost to physically stage a property with real furnishings.  Buyers looking for properties have a much easier time visualizing themselves in a home when it is already furnished, so it is better to have photos with a furnished property when trying to sell a home.  We use special software and our knowledge of what makes a home sell to create beautifully furnished pictures of your vacant properties without the high cost of renting furniture and paying for movers and designers to stage your property.

Realtor Portrait Photography

Want a great photo for your business card, or a team portrait?  We offer both outdoor and indoor edited portraits in natural settings for an economical price.

Flyer & Brochure Design

We can design a custom product for you, such as a property listing flyer, brochure, etc.  If you desire, we can even have them printed and delivered to you for your convenience.

Photo Editing

Want to use your own pictures, but need some editing?  We can help!  You can send us your own real estate photos and we will use our editing software and expertise to turn your normal photos into beautiful pictures.  We can add blue skies, make your water or pool look more blue, remove unwanted items, merge multiple photos together, and make dull, dark, and unremarkable photos look spectacular.  Check out our Pricing and Frequently Asked Questions pages on this website for the specifics.

Drone Aerial Photography for Special Events

Have a special event you want to capture drone aerial footage of?  If so, we've got you covered!  Examples of events we could cover include outdoor concerts, carnivals, picnics, weddings, sporting events, church gatherings, festivals, beach contests, races - you name it - the list goes on!  Adding drone aerial footage to your videos and albums adds a whole new perspective to what's going on, so if you have something you want to film, give us a call and see what we can do!

Drone Aerial Photography for Marketing

Want to show off your beautiful golf course?  Nothing provides better imagery of a golf course than a drone!  Want some drone aerial views of your place of business for a commercial?  We can get that footage for you!  Want stunning views of your beach front resort?  Drone aerial footage of the beach is unmatched!  Give us a call if you have something you would like to market and see what we can do!

Roof & Gutter / Building / Structure / Property Drone Inspections

Though we are not inspectors, we can assist inspectors (or anyone else who wants a drone aerial view of their property) by providing high quality video and photos.  For instance, if you want before and after imagery of your rooftop (like before a hurricane), we can help.  If you want a drone to video up and down your building for a visual inspection, we can assist.  If you would like to film a construction site, or get some footage of hard to reach places (like rain gutters or tall towers), a drone can help. Give us a call with your needs and see what we can do!

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